Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kayak Fishing

Recently I've dived head first into the world of kayak fishing! Some people think I'm mad, as I have a great boat and why would I want a kayak? Well firstly any new fishing pursuit excites me and kayak fishing in recent years has taken off like a rocket on a journey to the moon and is generating speed.

After spending some time on a yak its a personal fishing platform. One in which you feel as one with the water. Then when you find feeding fish and start catching them its a whole new playing field,, compared to boat fishing. You need to think more straight off the bat, as the fish can have the upper hand very quickly as you don't have the same amount of pressure you can apply when fishing from a boat. But this makes the fight even more fun!

One of the most appealing aspect for me of kayak fishing is being able to access waterways that are other wise inaccessible by boat.

I made the choice to purchase a Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak for numerous reasons. and I'll outline the three main points.

1. The mirage drive system was a huge attraction as it enable the angler to be hands free, and peddling with the largest muscles in your body enables you to get the most from your body when on the water.

2. Hobie make a quality product and have planned and made the kayak specifically for fishing!

3. Portability was a key, I can load and unload the Hobie on my own. And I can take it on long trips with the family with out the hassle of towing a boat. Makes parking a whole lot easier.

Recently I had a family trip to Tasmania and I was able to take the Hobie and spend some time fishing some beautiful waterways.

Stay tuned for some more Kayak fishing experiences soon!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Family Friendly Fishing Tournaments - Greg Seeto


Click on the link above for a great article by Greg Seeto on Family Friendly Fishing Tournaments.

A great piece and well worth a read, great work Greg.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Gear Great Results!!!!

I'm a big believer in having the right gear for the right job! And good gear is essential. You don't need the top of the range but quality and reliability are the key.

Where do you start? Well lure fishing I think you need to start with the basics. Rod, Reel, line, leader material and lures are the best place to start.

Rods - Personally I like top end models of rods, but I've worked to get to that point and once your their its difficult to go back. I use Lamiglas Rods and Millerods. But on the market these days you can get good quality gear at very reasonable prices! A good entry level rod these days can be picked up for around $150. When looking at rods have a good think about what type of application you want the rod for. Is it for plastics, heavy hardbody lures or ultra light weight work. Is it for fishing the flats and open water is it for fishing in the racks. Basically the lighter the application the lighter the rod. Personally I like to fish light and go for light gear. If you can afford it then buy a few outfits to suit the different applications you are likely to fish.

Reels - Best advice with reels is to buy the best quality for what you can afford. Daiwa and Shimano lead the way with a few other brands from the Pure fishing stable quickly catching up. Personally I like the Daiwa and have a selction of reels for different applications, for ultra light work I use Heartland reels, slightly heavier applications I like the Sol's and an all round I use Airity's (which will soon be retired). It keeps all my bases covered and ready for any situation on the water.

Line - I mainly use braided ines and have a strong preference for the Stren Microfuse. On most of my outfits I run 2lb then beef up the leader material for the different applications. Basically I'm looking for the smallest diameter I can get with value for money in mind. I do like to fish flurocarbon all the way through and at the moment you can't beat the Untika line from Frogley's Offshore its very thin, strong and ties good knots, very important with light flurocarbon applications. And I love using the 2lb especailly when fishing deep water. Why the ultra light lines. Well it enables the lure to sink quickly with little resistance. If you have a good rod and quality reel then some easy going and use of the old grey matter you can land just about any fish.

Leader Material - From spending time in Tasmania Fly fishing I've grown to love Black Magic leader material. I use the Flurocarbon for hardbodies and deep work and I use premier leader material (mono) for my surface lures. The fluro sinks better and has less visibility and the mono floats more making it better for surface fishing. As for weights I always have a selection ranging from 2lb to 12lb to cover all the applications.

Lures - No one lure is better than the other! On any particular day one lure might out fish another and the next day it might be reversed. The biggest thing about lures, is you need to have confidence in what you are throwing. IF its a $2.95 or $29.95 lure you have to be confident that the lure is going to catch fish, if your not then change lures until you are! Finding the right lure for a particular pattern is wide and varied. From a simple plastic rigged on a jig head to a top of the range hardbody lures.

Best thing about fishing is that if you love it, you'll accumulate a massive amount of tackle and hardware and eventually you'll have all situations covered and when you think you have it all, somthing new will come out and you'll have to have it!

You've got to love fishing and all the shiny things that go with it, from rods, reels, hooks and lures. Just remember you have to have a line in the water to yield results and good gear gets great results!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long time between posts!

Has been a tough year with a lot of family issues! Preventing me from fishing as much as I'd like and posting!

But today I had a great time fishing with Chris Blanch and James Ison.

We headed offshore for a touch of summer snapper fishing and did reasonably well.

Snaring six fish and having a great time. no real huge fish but Jame managed one fish around the 6lb mark.

We fished off Port Macquarie around Nobbies and fished in around 40m of water and targetted fish we found with the sounder. Dropping 3/8oz and 1/4oz Nitro Jigheads rigged with 7" Berkley Gulp Jerk Shads.

A great time and some good snapper pulling action.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fishing in the Hastings River is just on the bounce back after some serious flooding!

Fishing has been restricted to the lower reaches and hopefully in the coming week fishing should pic up in the upper reaches.

During the flood my mate Burky and I had a toss with big Mulloway Lures off the wall and came up empty handed, if anything I came up short handed! One of my lures was bitten completly in half, and their is no guessing a man in a grey suit did that. More than likely a bull shark lurking the dirty waters looking for an easy feed. The lure came back with a puncture mark in the top and cleanly broken off, so its a fair call it was a decent size fish. The most concerning part of this that surfers were only 50 to 100m from where my lure was attacked!
Wayne Bale and myself have been given the lucky opportunity to test drive soem of the new rods from the Lamiglas Range and we were more than happy with them as you can see from the attached pics. Wayne landed this nice flathead on 2lb line!!!! The rod did all the work along with the fine drag of the Daiwa Reel.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whiting in the Washes!

Today I fishing with Peter Hayes and had quite a good session considering the poor tides.

I usually like to fish larger tides and this morning we fished the last of a run out low tide of 0.3m. After fishing some spots for very little, we decided to fish the coal wall and see if any bream or flathead were lurking the depths of the wall. Unfortunatley none wer forth coming.

We switched tatics and decided to try the corregated sandy bottom on the south eastern side of Pelican Island. Instantly we had followers and found the prefered target species at the moment 'whiting'!

After several casts being followed by the fish and yielding no hook ups we reached the section where incoming swell from the bar break gently on the sand bar. And bingo! The hooks up came. the washes seemed to wash away any inhibitions the fish had previously in open water.

A nice feed was taken and even a flathead played the game and smashed my surface lure!

Technique & Lure: We were using the Bassday Sugapen in the prawn pattern. long casts are essential with a high speed jerky retrieve. Keeping the lure skipping and spitting on the surface. It's important to get it moving and keep it moving to attract the attention of any fish in the area.

Essential Tip: When you see followers make sure you keep the lure moving, whiting like it on the move, don't stop or strike. Wait for the drag to go then set the hooks!

Spreading the New!


The whole reason for this blog is to spread the news! What news? The news about fishing!

I'll be aiming to post a couple of times a week to spread news about fishing techniques that I have found to be effective methods of catching fish.

I mainly fish with lures and this will be the main focus of the blog.

I love catching any species of fish on lures, but have a soft spot for fooling bream. Bream are a wise adversary who learn fast and adapt well to their surrounds and are somethime easy to fool then others very frustrating.

So visit my blog on occassions to see whats going on and leave some comments! Great to have feed back, tell me of your successes and techniques.

And remember "Take a Photo Not a Trophy and Fish Forever!"